Batch network configuration/ verification with Python.

This simple Python code reads a configuration/ commands file (script.txt) and a CSV formatted inventory file (inventory.csv) and then apply the configuration/ commands to the devices in the inventory file and finally generates a simple output file (output.txt).

Here is the CSV formatted inventory file:


And this is the Python script:

import csv
from netmiko import ConnectHandler
import sys

devices = []
response = ""

with open("inventory.csv", "r") as file_h:
    for record in csv.DictReader(file_h):

with open("script.txt", "r") as file_h:
    script = file_h.readlines()

for device in devices:
    response = response + \
        with ConnectHandler(ip=device["ip"],
                            device_type=device["type"]) as connect_h:

            for line in script:
                response = response + connect_h.send_command_expect(line) + "\n\n"
        response = response + str(sys.exc_info()[0])

with open("output.txt", "w") as file_h:

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